Published Works

“Standing up for Change.” An essay by Ryan Vandecasteyen, scheduled to be published Dec 2013. Global Chorus: A 365-Person Anthology of Worldwide Concern and Enduring Hope.

“(Dis)connecting Alberta’s Tar Sands and British Columbia’s North Coast.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen and Philippe Le Billion, 2013. Studies in Political Economy, (91), 35-57.

“North-South Inequality Drives Migration to Slums.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, 12 Feb 2012. Field Notes: Journalists for Human Rights.

“Political Experts Debate Need for an ‘African Spring’.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, 30 Jan 2012. Field Notes: Journalists for Human Rights.

“Oil pipeline to Alberta tar sands must not cross B.C.’s north coast.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, F. Des Roches & C. White, 8 Nov 2010. The Georgia Straight.

“Too much at stake to let Northern Gateway oil pipeline be built in B.C.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, 7 Oct 2010. The Georgia Straight.

“The Pipedreams Project.” Guest blog by Ryan Vandecasteyen, 5 Aug 2012. Blogwood: Dogwood Initiative.

“Participation catalyzing change: a case for tenant participation in BC Housing’s planning for sustainability as a means to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviors.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, 9 May 2011. Research in Environmental Geography.

“Resistance to space: Examining the Olympics, Vancouver, homelessness and public policy.” By Ryan Vandecasteyen, 2010. Sojourners: Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, (2), 30-42.

Other Writing

“A Need for Marine Reserves: Rethinking approaches to marine fisheries management and conservation.” An essay by Ryan Vandecasteyen.


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